My Equipment!

This week I thought I would share with you my equipment and what is in my bag! I have created an Equipment List that I use when I go onto photoshoots that you can take a look and and perhaps use yourself!

I work with a Canon t3i and a Canon 7d.  I use four lenses, my t3i kit lens which is a 18mm-55mm lens, my fixed 85mm 1.8 lens, a 75mm-300mm lens, and my new love which is a 10mm-18mm lens. The reason that I use an assortment of lenses is because each lens has a different purpose. Such as when you use a shorter lens or a wide angle lens, it can cause a distortion, you have to get closer to your client, which may make your client uncomfortable, and distort the background. With a with a longer lens you can stand farther away and get a blurred background which is better for portraits.

I also carry a tripod, a reflector, an on-camera flash, an extra SD card, extra batteries, and extra filters. You never know the conditions of a location until you get there so it’s better to be prepared than to get there and the lighting is terrible and you forget your reflector or your flash dies and you don’t have extra batteries. I have left home so many times and not had something I needed, so I have recently have gotten in the habit of just checking my equipment bag before I leave for a shoot, because trust me, its better to take the time to check than get all the way out to your location and have to either turn around and come home or try and make do with what you have.

And finally the last thing that I have found to be very handy when going to photo-shoots is to bring an assistant with you. I can’t begin to tell you how horrible or awkward it is to try and juggle all of your equipment while trying to pose your model and then try to light him or her up properly. You need to have someone there to hand you new lenses, hold the reflector, move hair out of the model’s face, etc. You can’t do it all so you might as well have someone there that can take some of the load of this stressful day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, I would love to hear what you carry! So please leave a comment below!

Audrey ❤


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