Tips for Mobile Photography!

These days everyone is using their camera on their phones and taking photographs. But it takes more skill than just pushing that shutter button to create great images. So whether you don’t have the equipment or out of convenience, here are some tips to help you achieve those great mobile photos.


Clean your lens

  • Like on your camera, you should keep your lens clean. Your phone spends a lot of time in your pocket, bag, etc and as a result it will get dirty. If the glass of the lens is dirty, it will block light from entering the camera’s sensor. A clean lens will ensure you get sharp, clear images

Adjust exposure manually

  • Allowing your phone to set exposure on the focus point isn’t always ideal. If the subject is in a dark area of the frame, your phone will compensate by over -exposing the rest of the image.


  • Every camera has a zoom function that you can use your fingers to zoom in and get closer to your subject. And as tempting as this function can be to use, don’t do it! This is a digital zoom with means that the image is cropped as you zoom in and results in loss of image quality. Walk closer to your subject and use the camera as normal.
  • Alternatively, you can crop the image yourself in the editing process.

Be creative

  • Always think about good composition.  Your image wont be very eye-catching if you have your subject in the center of every image.
  • Leading lines can be a useful composition took. Using lines in a photo can help focus the viewer’s eye on the main subject

Distracting backgrounds

  • Make sure that the things in your backgrounds are not distracting or interacting badly with your main subject. You don’t want to have any weird lines coming out of someone’s head.

Don’t over process!

  • Resist the urge to use filters and strong effects when you are using your photos. It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that you can use these editing apps to make a bad photo a good one. When in reality it is easy to turn a good photo into a bad one.


I would love to hear some of your mobile photo tips as well as see some of your images! Please share them with me on Facebook!

Audrey ❤


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