Favorite Magazines

There are so many photography magazines out there and most of the time all that you see on the shelves at the grocery store are People, Seventeen, US, etc. But my favorite go to is always National Geographic, the images are so beautiful, but not always photo oriented. So this week, I thought I would share some of my favorite photography magazines. I would love to hear from you about your favorite photo magazines so please comment below!

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Popular Photography

Popular Photography offers a ton information on gear, how-tos, and photo challenges and contests. Cover to cover, this magazine is full of useful information, from the advertisements to the articles. You can visit their website at www.popphoto.com

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Every monthly issue of Shutterbug you’ll get pro-tips, business trends, and photo techniques. You can find even more information on their website such as Photo of the Day, Camera and Equipment News and more. You can visit their website at www.shutterbug.com

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Outdoor Photography

This magazine, like the last two, are all about tips, trends, techniques and reviews. But they are all about Outdoor photography. From Landscapes and Wildlife to Filters and Close ups, they have it all.

I would love to hear your favorite magazines so please comment below!

Audrey ❤


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