Valentine’s Day Photo Shoots!

So you probably saw last week that I am offering a $30 discount off of a full session! How exciting is that? But what can you do with this offer? Well anything really, there are no wrong ways to use this discount, but I thought this week I would share with you some Valentine’s day themed shoots.

Kid Valentine’s Day Shoot

This one can be a fun photo-shoot, and especially cute if you have a newborn and are ready for some photos full of love. A shoot can be as simple as dressing your littles in red, white and/or pink and having them hold flowers or heart shaped balloons.

In-Love Shoot

One of my favorite shoots I have done is one I did a few years ago with my husband. We went for a walk and found a barn to pose in front of. You can use this photo-shoot to celebrate an engagement, X many years you’ve been together for valentine’s day, or maybe you just want to show off your love! IMG_0207.jpg

Boudoir Shoot

And finally we have the boudoir shoot, maybe you are a soon to be bride and are looking for a gift for your fiance, perhaps you have finally hit that weight goal and you want to celebrate. These photo-shoots are often suggestive rather than explicit and is nothing to be ashamed of. Love your body!

But whatever you choose, I will be happy to photograph you this wonderful time of the year. Contact me and we can brainstorm some ideas for you!

Audrey ❤


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