Tips for Birthday Photos!

It’s birthday week so I thought I would share with you some tips on how to photograph that birthday of that special boy or girl.

Get Low!

A big tip that I can share is to get down low when you are taking photos of children. Capture from their perspective.

Mix up Angles and Focal Lengths

Get up high and shoot over the cake/food area. Get low and photograph the mountain of gifts. Keep an eye out for the party details, zoom in close and photograph the party favors.

Alway Adjust your white balance

Lighting can be tricky depending on where the child’s birthday party is. If you don’t know how to control your white balance I suggest using the auto function, however if you would like to learn, I would love to write a blog explaining it so please let me know if that is something that you would be interested in.

Shoot Candidly

Rather than forcing children to smile for someone they probably don’t know well, just observe them, shoot on continuous mode and capture those sweet moments of opening gifts, blowing out the candles, and playing party games.

Planned Shots

Don’t for get those shots that won’t be candid. These need to be thought out in advance such as group shots and posed portraits of the birthday boy or girl.

I would love to hear your birthday tips please email, comment below, or shoot me a private message on Facebook.



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