Christmas Blog!

We celebrate the holidays the entire month of December with community events such as tree lighting, santa pictures, neighborhood lights and even businesses put on events to celebrate the holidays. It is time for family and we all want to save these memories, so here are some tips to do so.

Christmas Lights Grandmas Ornament.jpg

We see them everywhere this time, and often times we go to events to see the beautiful scenes so here are some tips on how to photograph christmas lights

  1. Timing and Balance: Most of the time we start shooting when it gets completely dark. Instead, try to shoot when it is just starting to get dark so that you will capture the lights and the surrounding elements.
  2. Bokeh: This is a really fun technique that you can use anytime. Bokeh happens when the lights are completely out of focus. The key is to shoot at the larger end of your aperture. You can make the balls of light bigger by increasing the distance between your in focus subject and the out of focus lights in the background.
    1. You can also change the shapes of the bokeh balls by cutting out shapes and placing them in front of your lens.


Little Things

Go Macro: Don’t forget to photograph the smaller things around the house,
Ornaments on the tree, the cookies on the plate for santa, holly about the doorway.

It takes a lot of prep to make your own little wonderland, so don’t forget the things that make the day so special such as wrapping gifts, food prep, putting up decorations. _MG_0144.jpg

Shoot in Continuous Mode

Things like opening gifts will call for continuous mode. Emotions, Expressions, and Excitement all flash by so if you shoot on continuous mode you will be able to capture them all.


Make sure you are ready to capture all of these moment! So here is a quick checklist, I also created a downloadable pdf to use, so you remember all of your equipment. If you would like to see what I normally shoot with I have a blog for that, head on over to Equipment! 

  1. Camera
  2. Batteries (And charged)
  3. Memory Cards
  4. Consider lighting, and this goes for your white balance too. Set your setting accordingly to save yourself from the extra editing.

I would love to hear your holiday tips please email, comment below, or shoot me a private message on Facebook.


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