Story Time!

In honor of my 3 year anniversary of doing freelance work, I thought I would share with you the story of my first photo-shoot. If you don’t like these kinds of things I won’t mind if you click away, but I really want to thank you for reading these weekly blogs, and supporting my dream to be a business owner.


In November 2013, I was asked by a family of five to take their family portraits. They had just added a little girl to their family a few months prior and wanted to update their photos. So we agreed to a price and met in Wright Park a 27 acre park located in Tacoma that is home to over 600 trees a beautiful pond and a playground. We let the kids play in the big open fields and piles of leaves and even visited the botanical garden.

In the weeks prior, I did a lot of research on the location. I used pinterest and came up with shot lists and prepared my equipment bag to include everything that I needed for this photoshoot to go smoothly.

This photo-shoot really reassured me that this was what I wanted to do. Being able to capture this special moment in this family’s life was really important to me.


Thank you again for following me on this dream of mine. I would love to hear from you, Please email, comment below, or shoot me a private message on Facebook.

Audrey ❤


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