Gas Works Park – Seattle, WA!


One of my favorite locations is Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington. I have written two other favorite location blogs which includes Manchester State Park and The Trinity Tree Farm.  In this blog I will post a few photos from previous photo-shoots as well as a brief description of the park.

Gas Works Park is a 19 acre public park the is on the site of an of Gas Light Company, located on the north shore of Lake Union. Gas Works incorporates numerous pieces of the old plant. Some stand as ruins while others have been reconditioned and incorporated into a children’s play barn. The park also has a big hill that has been popular for flying kites. Other special features include a large sundial and a beautiful view of Seattle.

The plant operated from 1906-1956 and was bought by the City of Seattle for park purposes in 1962. The park was opened to the public in 1975. The park was designed by Seattle landscape architect Richard Haag, who won the American Society of Landscape Architects Presidents Award of Design Excellence for the project.

The play barn and picnic shelter buildings date back to the original coal-gas facility and were constructed of wood. The pump house and the boiler house is about 5,720 sq ft. The wood frames of both buildings remain intact and in place on slab foundations.

The Boiler House, now the picnic shelter, originally housed two boilers. One provided steam for the gasification process; the other provided steam for the steam engines that powered the Pump House compressors.

The Pump House, now the play barn. Most of the pumps, compressors, and piping are still in place. In this building air was compressed for the oxygen-extraction process, the oxygen was then pumped to the generators for the first stage of gas manufacturing.


If you are interested in learning more about the park and how to make reservations, visit the State Park website. If you have been here, I would love to see your photos. I would also like to hear from you and some of your favorite venues. Please email, comment below, or shoot me a private message on Facebook.



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