Senior Photos!

It is that time of the year again, the school year is starting and I am open for SENIOR PORTRAITS. So I thought I would write a blog about my process when I am working with our graduating seniors. If you are interested in having your portraits done, please send me an email to to setup an appointment.

Before the Shoot

  1. I send each senior I work with a questionaire so I can get to know them better
    1. What are some of your favorite features about yourself?
    2. What do you want to remember most about this time in your life?
    3. Are there any specific locations you have in mind for you shoot?
    4. How would you spend your ideal Saturday?
    5. How would you describe your personal style?
  2. I also send each senior a link to a pinterest board I have created to help give them ideas of how to dress. As you probably read in my blog all about how much I love Pinterest, you will know how much I love to use it and how I use it.

At the Shoot

The morning of the session, I contact my client to make sure they know what time and where you are meeting. I also give them one more opportunity to ask me any questions about the session.

  1. Talk to your senior client, ask them questions, and find out what their future plans are. Encourage them. They will appreciate your words and feel valued. And eventually become more relaxed with you which will make for natural photos.
  2. As I said in my blog Toddler Photo-Shoots!, always have a list poses for you to use on your seniors. And always have the list longer that what you need. Because you never know what might not work.
  3. Ask your client to bring props. This could be their first car, if they played sports – they could bring their uniform or their gear, if they played an instrument – ask them to bring it! Some people feel really awkward in front of the camera, so these little tricks could give them something to do with their hands.

After the Shoot

  1. The following day, post a teaser or sneak peek photo from the session onto facebook. This is why I love seniors, because they will share that sneak peek with their friends and family through social media.
  2. As soon as I have all of their images edited, I will save them on a CD and send it to them. The package usually includes a handwritten note, business cards, etc.
  3. After they have their images, I will blog about their session. This blog will also be shared through social media.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, and if you are interested in hiring me as your photographer. Please email me at If you have other tips you think I should see; email, comment below or send me a private message to Facebook.

Audrey ❤


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