I LOVE Pinterest. What woman doesn’t right? They have boards for food, and your future wedding, and DIY projects. But I love Pinterest for other reasons too, it gives me a place to share some of my work as well as get inspiration from other pinners.

Pinners such as Digital Camera World and Digital Photography School who pins things such as tips and tutorials, cheat sheets, inspiration and so much more! I follow business owners such as Cici and photographers like Jeremy Cowart to pull inspiration from because they are SUCCESSFUL, so the tips on how to run a photography business are incredibly helpful. Because when you watch someone and what they are doing in their work, you can absolutely learn from it. You can learn lighting techniques or poses. Watching other people’s work is one of my favorite ways to learn and figure out does this work for me and how can I make it better. And finally, I follow pinners such as Style Me Pretty who pins photos everything wedding. It is a great place to see how other wedding photographers are photographing beautiful weddings. It gives you ideas of things to photograph that you may not have even thought of.

So if you are a fellow pinner and would like to see my inspiration, please follow me at And if you have any pinners that you think I should follow, please send me an email, comment below, or private message me on Facebook.

Audrey ❤


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