What Not to do!

Hello! Welcome back to this week’s blog. This is a post for all of you photographers and what I have learned not to do during a photography session! Being a photographer is more than just taking beautiful photos. It is also about GREAT customer service. You want your clients to be comfortable and happy with their decision on hiring you. If you hand them beautiful photos but the experience with you was horrible, that is all they are going to remember and you will not get recommendations from that client. 

Ahh! Nothing is Going Right!
If the weather isn’t going your way or the photos aren’t coming out the way that you had hoped, do not let your client in on that their session isn’t going well. Anything could happen while working with a client, whether you run out of posing ideas, the client’s child is being fussy, or maybe the location is terrible, you need to stay positive and patient. Your client feel like the session is going wonderfully, but the minute they get the inkling something is wrong, it’ll put a damper on the entire experience, and could result in even worse photos.

Never Take a Phone Call!
Once your shoot begins, your cell phone should be silenced and put away. Your focus should be on your client only for the entirety of the session length. You shouldn’t be taking phone calls, checking email, or responding to texts .

Don’t Disregard Your Client’s Feelings
The ability to read people even when they don’t say anything is an important skill for not only photographers, but also business owners. The last thing we want is to make our clients do something that makes them uncomfortable. Always ask permission before assuming your clients are okay with something.

Do Not Talk Bad About Other Clients
It doesn’t matter if they were the worst people you have ever met or if they did something embarrassing. Putting other clients in a negative situation is never a smart move on your part. Not only what you say could get back to your old clients, but your current clients will start to wonder what stories you’ll tell about them at your next session. 

Never Ever, Touch Your Client Without Asking First!
Always, no matter who the person is or what the situation, ask permission before you touch your client. Not everyone feels the same way about being touched by strangers. What might feel completely normal to you, feels like an invasion of personal space to someone else. 

Don’t Cut The Session Short
If your portrait session is based on a length of time, it’s important that you utilize that entire time. If you are running out of ideas, ask the client to take a five minute breather to go over shot notes or to come up with some new poses. But unless your client asks to end the shoot early, it’s your responsibility to make your client feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, and receiving the same treatment as all of your other clients.

I hope these week’s blog was informational and I apologize for last week’s blog being so short. If you have any other tips on what not to do during a photoshoot, please leave a comment or email me personally at AudreyElisabethPhotography@gmail.com



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