What Should I Wear?!

Hi there and welcome to this week’s blog! I am your host, Audrey, and today we are going to be talking about what you should wear to your photo-shoot. So lets get started.

What do you need me for? 
The first thing to think about when you are hiring your photographer, is what am I hiring them for? Is it for a Business photo, maybe a family or senior portrait, or maybe it is a maternity or engagement session. Whichever you are hiring for should help you decide what you are going to wear.

Sienna GrayStay Comfy my Friends
Remember to stay comfy but be pretty! A photo-shoot can last up to a couple hours depending on the session. So you want to wear clothes that are comfortable. Stay away from clothes that will make you uncomfortable, because it will end up showing in your photos.

Location and Situation
Keep in mind the location and situation. If the session is in the park, you wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress. If your session is in a forest, you wouldn’t wear a lot of green. Choose an outfit that will make you stand out, but fit in. ALWAYS think about the seasons, if your session is in the summer, don’t wear thick layers that is going to result in sweaty armpits or in the winter where you want to wear a dress but will freeze to death. Always make your outfit match your location and situation.

Pretty please, Coordinate. Crystal and Ray
If you are having a family session, always try to coordinate with each other. There are lots of examples of very awkward family portraits you should not try and reenact. Don’t dress your whole family in matching green polkadots, instead mom wear green polkadots, dad wear a white shirt and daughter wear a green dress. You want to complement each other and not look like identical twins. Choose a color palette from colors that match.

(12)Should I wear patterns? 
If you mix up little patterns with solid colors, you will look stunning. But remember, just use one pattern that will match the color palette of the rest of the group. And if you are going solo, trying picking a second option that is just color.

Hair & Makeup
Stay natural and basic to your own style. If you always wear a lot of makeup, do it. If you don’t please don’t push it!

When in Doubt
Choose one outfit that you really like and if you have a session with a wardrobe change, build from there. Always always always, try on all of your outfits chosen for the photoshoot before the shoot! There’s nothing like finding out clothes don’t fit during a shoot.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, and if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to email or leave a comment below.



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