Sports Photography!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this weeks blog! Today I am going to discuss sports photography and share my experiences.

The first thing I am going to recommend is shooting with a SLR camera. It is going to be easier to take these fast pace photos with long(at least a 200mm), fast lenses. You are going to want to shoot with a fast shutter speed, I recommend keeping it over 1/250s. You can always experiment later. You will also want to keep your aperture between f/8 and f/11, which will give you nice sharp images with little noise. However, if you have bad lighting you will need to bump up your ISO which may introduce noise.


Auto-focus(AF) is a very handy thing to have in times like these. Most cameras have three AF modes, AF-A(Hybrid mode that switches between Single and Continuous), AF-S(Single Area AF), and AF-C(Continuous AF). You are going to want to use AF-C which means that the lens will always be adjusting focus to keep moving objects sharp.

Outside the Action! 

Sometimes shooting outside of the action is the best way to capture the most emotion. Watch the crowd right as a player is making a score, or cheerleaders cheering on their teams. In the photo below, I waited until after the game when the final score was announced. I captured this image of players celebrating the big win. IMG_1008.jpg

Don’t forget to always have fun and enjoy the game. I will be honest and don’t enjoy watching most sports. But I love photography and I love photographing people. If you have more tips or have any questions please feel free to email or leave a comment below!



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