Pet and Animal Photography!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to this
week’s blog. I am super excited for this week because we get to talk about animals and our pets and tips on how to photograph them.

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  1. Using natural light: Natural light will eliminate the need to use a flash and possibly scare your smaller pets such as reptiles/fish/birds. Using a flash will also cause red-eye that if you can avoid is best. So try and take your animals outside, and if you can’t get them outside then move them as close to a window.
  2. Keep those eyes sharp: In most cases you always want to keep your pet or animal’s eyes sharp, unless you are doing something artsy where you are capturing the wet noses, animal eyes are very expressive so you want to keep them the focal point.
  3. Go to them: This is where you get to be on their level and photograph them. We always see our pets from above so lie on your belly or just get down on one knee and find those eyes.
  4. Be Patient: It is very important that your pet feels comfortable, so don’t force anything. The pet that you are trying to photograph will end up relaxing and you will be able to get a natural photograph.
  5. Treats: When I am photographing pets, I always make sure to have some treats or feather toys. It is much easier to keep their attention on you or the camera when you have something to focus on that they recognize.
  6. Experiment: Take your time and enjoy the session, try different approaches, angles and compositions. Try a macro lens and get up close to their face. Throw a tennis ball and take some action photographs. And always give value to their character. Happy dog? Make them smile. A lazy cat? Photograph them yawning.

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I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. I was super excited to write this because I love love love animals. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions; please feel free to comment below or email me!


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