Text Tutorial!

Hello Everyone!
As you have probably noticed, I have been doing tutorials on my YouTube channel(www.youtube.com/c/AudreyElisabethPhotography). So I thought this week I would share with you one of my tutorials with step by step instructions. How exciting right?!


Open your Rain Drop File
Click on your text tool and type out your desired text
Make any changes now because after you rasterize your text you wont be able to make and color or size changes.

Go to Filter > Liquify > A dialog box will pop up and ask you if you are sure because this task will rasterize the text hit OK
Choose your Forward Warp Tool > Make sure the Brush is at 40 and the Brush Pressure is at 100 hit OK

On the text layer, you are going to change your Blend Mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 66%
The next step you are going to hit Control + J and duplicate the layer > Make a layer mask > Hit Control I to invert and then paint any areas with white to make visible.

Thanks for tuning in! I hope that you enjoyed this weeks blog and if you have any suggestions or questions please comment or email me and I will get to you and maybe even blog about it!



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