Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and are just as excited as I am for this photography blog!
I figured for the first blog I will take the time to introduce myself and share a little bit about why I think I am qualified to talk to you about photography.
My name is Audrey and I am a photographer located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, but have lived in all different parts of
Washington including Issaquah, Everett, Bellevue, and Seattle. I am a fur-mama of two rescue animals, my 3 year old Torbie, Lorelei, and my 2 year
old Yellow Lab, Winchester.  I am also engaged to my high school sweet-heart, Phil. We are planning a backyard, June wedding – so this year is going to be busy busy! Blog1_CatDog

I am a recent graduate from Northwest College of Art & Design (NCAD) with a BFA in Visual Communication; which is the communication of ideas through a visual display which can be found in art, signs, photography, typography, etc. And I have a major in Photography; where I studied many different types such as HDR/Real Estate, Portrait, Food, and Product. The image below is an HDR photograph of NCAD.  I also have a major in Graphic Design where I learned skills like basic web design, identity/branding, and typesetting.  ©AudreyElisabethPhotography

I have been taking photographs since I was in the 6th grade when I got my first point and shoot camera. Most of the photography that I did was landscapes, macro-shots of flowers/bugs, and street photography. I didn’t get into portrait photography until I was a year into college. Sure I did some candid portraits in high school but it was not setting up a shot, posing a model type of work.

My first client was for a family in 2013, who just had their third child in the beginning of the year. They wanted some photographs of her and the family, so we went to a local park and walked around. It was a great way to let the boys play and get some fun photos of them. Ever since then I have been slowly pulling in more and more clients which makes me fall more in love with the art form; especially when I capture that moment. Those of you who are photographers know what I am talking about, and those of you who don’t; I will try my best to explain.

©AudreyElisabethPhotography This was one of those moments. This was taken at my very first wedding. This photograph was completely unplanned, it was not posed. I was standing there with my camera, watching the brides, and Windee in particular was standing there, in a room FULL of people, and all of her attention was going towards this new form of life that had just been born a few days prior. I could not have planned this moment. It happened, and I captured it. And it is moments like these, that keeps me going.

So there it is. Me in a nutshell, I can be pretty spaztastic and can jump from subject to subject but I hope you followed along and liked what you read and come back next week for my next blog! Thank you so much for reading!


Some fun facts about me: Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays. Winter is my favorite season, and when there is blue sky but the air is cold and crisp – That is my favorite weather. I love bonfires, and will purposely stand in the smoke for a few minutes just so I can take the smell home with me.  My dream home is a ranch house where I can have chickens and other livestock as well as my own garden where I can grow my own food. I really enjoy peppermint mochas. Walking around with my camera just to capture little moments. 

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