I know I know! I said we would be starting January 5th, but I couldn’t resist starting a week early and sharing with you our day trip to Leavenworth, WA with my lovely fiance, Phil.

For our 4 year anniversary, we took a day trip to see the snow in Leavenworth. The photos taken above were taken with my Canon 7D and my 15mm-55mm lens. This lens was able to give me a range of different lengths without having to switch lenses or even carrying multiple cameras – which is something that I would usually recommend during a portrait shoot, but when you are shooting a vacation/trip it is great to have a medium lens and not have to worry about lugging around a ton of equipment.

Super short first blog, but  I wanted to share with you all the wonderful photographs I got from this weekend. If you have any questions about any of the equipment or shots please feel free to ask! I love answering questions.

I hope you all had what ever Winter holiday you celebrate and please come back next week to learn about myself.




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