Post Editing!

Some of you may have wondered or thought to yourself “Am I editing too much or too little” So this week I thought I would share with you, or rather show you how much editing I do. Now this is my personal preference you may like to do a little more but I chose to do as little as I possibly can. I don’t ever want someone to look at my work and say “is that really what I look like” or even worse “that doesn’t even look like me” So I take the time and remove any blemishes, brighten the eyes, maybe raise the highlights. And that’s that. So enjoy the tutorial below.

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Prints Available!

Hello there! I wanted to remind and share with you that I have prints available for purchase through Fine Art America!
Fine Art America offers things such as canvas, metal, and framed prints as well as greeting cards, phone cases. and throw pillows.
Don’t see one of your favorite pieces? Send me a private message or an email and I will make it available for you! 🙂

Fine Art America: